Using the WeTolk tools for existing customers

Of course you may use the WeTolk conferencing and invoicing tools for your existing customers as well. Read more below to understand the work flow in this case.

Before the session

1. Schedule session

Login and chose the menu link "Plan conversation", complete the form and select save. In the next window you will find the access codes for your session.

2. Inform your customer

Since WeTolk does not have the details of your customer you need to inform all participants yourself:

  • Date and time of the call
  • Participant code of the session*
  • The access number*

*If you are using Dial-out the customer only needs to know the date and time of the conference call.

After the session

Invoice your customer

If you want you may use the WeTolk invoicing tool to create a detailed invoice for your customer on your behalf.

  • Login and chose menu link "History"
  • Click the list icon at the end of the line of the session that must be invoiced
  • Now select "Download invoice-template for this session"

You will now receive an invoice that is completed as much as possible. You may edit this and complete this document to your own preferences. For example by adding an invoice number from your own set.

You decide whether or not to use the invoice template.

The session itself

Please find more information about how to start a session here